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The first time you run KPositron you will be greeted by the configuration dialog. The options are few, and mostly self explanatory, but we will go over them quickly for good measure.

Enter the path to your neuros mount point here.

Here you should enter the base directory you want files to be copied to when doing a sync operation. This has to be a path on the neuros, for example: /mnt/neuros/music would be a good default.

Enter here the path on your pc that you would like recordings to be copied to. Leave blank to disable.

Here you can choose what happens when deleting a record from the neuros. Pretty self explanatory.

Under the Sync Directories tab you will find a entry widget in which you can add and remove directories KPositron should consider when doing a sync operation.

And lastly under the Ignored Files tab you will find another entry widget. Here you can add and remove files which should be ignored during a sync operation. All files you delete will be added here automatically.

Importing the database:

When you first start KPositron it will be empty. In order to see the files stored on your neuros you must first import the database. You can do this by selecting the Import Database action from the toolbar, or from the Options menu. Depending on the amount of files on your neuros, this may take few seconds.

Adding new files:

To add files to your neuros, select the Add Files action from the toolbar or File menu. A file browser will open for you to choose file/directories that you wish to add. When finished you will get another filebrowser to choose a directory to copy the files to.

Removing files:

To remove files from your neuros, select the items you wich to remove, use the ctrl, alt, and shift keys to select multiple files, then right click and select Remove items from database from the context menu.


To start a sync operation you must first configure some directories for KPositron to consider. From the Options menu select Configure KPositron and under the Sync Directories tab add directories you wish to sync with. Now select the Sync action from the toolbar or Options menu. KPositron will then scan the directories for files to add, and look for recordings to copy to your pc(if enabled).