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Installation and configuration:


After having satisfied the above dependancies we are ready to install KPositron. Download the latest release here and unpack it. You can unpack it anywhere, but from here on we will assume /usr/local. Now change to the newly created directory.

  • cd /usr/local
  • tar xvfz /path/to/kpositron-X.XX
  • cd kpositron-X.XX
Before continuing you must make sure the KDEDIR environment variable exists and is correct. You can check and set it like so:
  • echo $KDEDIR
  • export KDEDIR=/path/to/kdedir
Now install KPositron by running the script in the package directory:
  • python install
KPositron will install to $KDEDIR/share/apps/kpositron. In order to run kpositron you must add this directory to your PYTHONPATH.
  • export PYTHONPATH=$KDEDIR/share/apps/kpositron:$PYTHONPATH
You should add this command to your ~/.bashrc and/or other relevant place to ensure its gets set whenever you login. You should now be able to start KPositron.
  • /usr/bin/kpositron